Miss Glitz 

Miss Natural Glitz

      National Photo Pageant

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This is a pageant for girls who love to dress-up and be movie star glamorous, or those who just love the natural simplicity of things.  This pageant will recognize each one.

Every child is precious and beautiful, and even though every contestant cannot win the title of "Miss Glitz, Miss Natural Glitz or Miss Supreme", we want every contestant to feel extra special. So everyone competing but not placing will receive a trophy.

Just to clarify...right now we are only open to US residents only. 

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This is NOT  just a photo contest, this is a Photo Pageant!  Winners will receive pageant crowns, pageant sashes, pageant medals and trophies!  My commitment is to always offer quality pageant prizes.  I want our winners to feel extra special.

Maybe you just like collecting crowns or sashes,or maybe you want to add another title to your pageant  resume.  This is a fun and easy way to do that without  the expense of attending a local,state or national pageant.

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*This is NOT a popularity contest. We have judges, we dont collect votes!*

Congratulations to ALL of our Winter 2014  Photo Pageant contestants!

Aly Fenley-Supreme Little Miss Glitz

Lillian Wesner-Baby Miss Natural Glitz

Lillia Claire Boulanger-1st Runner Up-Baby Miss Natural Glitz
Overall Best Personality

Addelyn Wesner-2nd Runner Up- Baby Miss Natural Glitz

Bella Lynn Hernandez-Little Miss Natural Glitz

Aly Fenley-1st Runner Up-Little Miss Natural Glitz

Tommi-Rae Smith- Supreme Young Miss Natural Glitz
Overall Prettiest Hair
Overall Best Model

Carly Washcalus-1st Runner Up-Young Miss 
Natural Glitz
Overall Prettiest Eyes

Aleyah Fox-2nd Runner Up-Young Miss Natural Glitz

Courtney Ueltschi-Teen Miss Natural Glitz
Overall Prettiest Smile

Ann Warren-Miss Natural Glitz

THANK YOU for making Miss Glitz & Miss Natural Glitz your choice for Photo Pageants!

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